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Bath Chronicle covers our paper recycling efforts!

Friday, August 26, 2011
Regency Offices had some great coverage in the Bath Chronicle this week.
Our efforts to recycle more paper and cardboards across our eight centres was headlined on the Business pages of the Chronicle.
The article took up a whole quarter page, with a photo of me and our admin assistant Emily Crellin.

In fact, it was Emily who spurred us into action as soon after joining us she became horrified at the amount of paper we were throwing away with other rubbish. Though I suppose nine out of ten businesses out there are equally guilty. Funny how local authorities are so strict about us recycling domestic rubbish but there is hardly any pressure on businesses to follow suit. 
Anyway, great to get some coverage in our brilliant local paper, and thanks to Tom Bradshaw, the Chronicle’s Business Editor, for the write up.
Emily and me – I’m on the right!