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Thank you! Testimonials from clients of Regency Offices

“With a Regency Office you get so much more than just a space to operate. You’ll get a very supportive landlord who is interested and enthusiastic about all his tenants, plus an efficient and friendly team that really make you feel at home and welcome. There is also a great (and rapidly expanding) community of fellow business owners with regular networking events such as breakfast meetings and, for those who don’t like to get out of bed too early, lots of interesting Bath related evening activities. The Regency team have really thought through what businesses need – as well as office space they provide mailboxes, telephone answering services and meeting rooms. Their deals are very flexible so your space can contract or expand very rapidly.”
“Regency has been the perfect landlord for a fast-growing tech company like Ecodesk. We have been hugely impressed by Regency’s attitude. The communications set-up they have given us, in terms of high-speed internet and superb telephony, has been an enormous boon. To be honest, we weren’t expecting such hi-spec telecoms in period buildings, but despite its traditional name Regency has been ahead of the curve in supplying state-of-the-art services.”

“I am so pleased I moved Renney & Co employment law practise to Regency Offices. We are in a prime location just off Queen Square in Bath. The service is efficient and friendly, offering our growing business the support we really need. I really enjoy all the networking and social events organised by Tony and his team, and the business breakfast every month is a fantastic opportunity to make new contacts and clients. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Regency Offices to anyone looking for business space in Bath.”
“We are so sure we have made the right choice moving into Regency House. Tony Williams and his staff were exceptionally welcoming and the networking opportunities are great. It’s a peaceful environment, right in the middle of the city, with plenty of scope for growth. Perfect!”

“Taking space with Regency Offices was an important step in making sure our company got off to a good start. The last thing you need is a landlord getting in your way by being inflexible and pummelling you with extra charges. Regency’s attitude has been totally the opposite. No request has been too much trouble and we were able to contract and expand into different sized offices as Sportsister founds its feet. We are now a really well-established brand in the sports sector. Regency have been true friends of our business, and we hope to be with them for many years to come.”

“I have rented office space from various providers during my years in business, but none with the total dedication to customer service I have found at Regency. Even though I have seen the company grow from a couple of buildings to its present size of ten business centres around Bath, the company has retained its down to earth approach, and “will do” attitude. Frankly, I have never come across a company more dedicated to customer service; it”s just second nature to Tony and his team. I have no hesitation in singing their praises.”


“Taking space with Regency turned out to be a no-brainer. They offered us elegant accommodation at a prestigious address but with all the latest technology built in. We were also impressed by Regency’s free
national and local landline calls deal. The added value impact of that was enormous. Regency’s can-do attitude is also very welcome, and Tony Williams comes across as someone very genuinely interested in helping his clients succeed. We look forward to being a Regency client for years to come.”

“Regency Offices has provided office space in Bath for my firm for the last three years, and it is very difficult to find any fault with the service we have received.  Dealing with Tony and Brenda has been a very refreshing change from the “jobsworth” attitude we found at the serviced offices we previously occupied in Bath.  Nothing seems to be too much trouble: any problems that arise are dealt with promptly and cheerfully.  In addition, I feel we get good value for money, with a pleasant lack of the kind of extra charges that can be such an annoyance in serviced accommodation.  All in all, Tony Williams seems to have hit upon a winning formula, and it not surprising that the business is going from strength to strength.  Put simply, he provides the kind of service that my firm (and many others like us) are looking for.  I look forward to staying put with Regency Offices for many years to come.”