Who we are

Meet our team! Regency’s team of six is always happy and willing to help our clients at anytime.

Regency Offices have served the small business community with office space in Bath for 10 years and our friendly,  experienced team are always on hand to help. 

Meet the team    

Tony Williams – CEO and Founder

As an independent company, we don’t report to shareholders so we can react very quickly to any problem presented by our clients; we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We are also very approachable and I am happy to enjoy a pint with our clients on a Friday night!


Colino Violante – Office Manager

Colino is based in the engine room at our Regency House location (3 Princes St, turn first left after the Francis Hotel, off Queen Square) dealing with all the day to day needs of our clients.



Sara Kausar – Marketing Assistant

Sara works on maintaining and constantly improving Regency’s various digital platforms. She will send you all the information you need by email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. We want to be sure you receive all our updates about promotions and events, so do stay tuned!

George Driver & Francis Tadman – Facilities Managers 

George & Francis work alongside Colino, and are simply dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of our beautiful buildings!